2017 Young Investigator Award

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Jasper Loftus-Hills Young Investigator Award

Sarah Fitzpatrick, Anna Hargreaves, Martha Muñoz, and Alison Wright

The American Society of Naturalist’s Young Investigator Award is in honor of Jasper Loftus-Hill, a young scientist who died tragically 3 years after receiving his PhD.  

This award goes to applicants who completed their PhD three years preceding the application deadline or are in their last year of a PhD program. This year’s award committee [Rebecca Safran, chair, Jeremy Fox, and Luke Harmon] were tasked with choosing four awardees out of 25 stellar submissions (15 female and 10 male applicants). Narrowing these down to four awardees is always the hard part – each application is inspiring and exciting. There is great science being done by the next generation of leaders in our field!

We are pleased to announce that this year’s recipients of the ASN YIA are: Sarah Fitzpatrick, Anna HargreavesMartha Muñoz, and Alison Wright.We very much looking forward to their participation in the ASN YIA symposium at the annual meeting in Portland this summer.