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Stand-Alone Meetings

The next ASN Stand-Alone meeting will be 5-9 January 2018 at Asilomar, Pacific Grove, California. 

Joint Meetings

There is a new website at http://www.evolutionmeetings.org/ for the distribution of information about the joint meetings of the American Society of Naturalists, the Society of Systematic Biologists, and the Society for the Study of Evolution. 


Spotlight Session: 25 Years of Sensory Drive

  • Molly Cummings, University of Texas at Austin (15 minute talk) “Past, present & future of Sensory Drive—predicting signal variation from the seen to the unseen”
  • Michael Foisy, University of Toronto (5 mintue talk) "Uniting comparative and experimental approaches to test for a foraging-based sensory bias in live-bearing fishes".
  • Samuel Hulse , University of Maryland – Baltimore County (5 mintue talk)  "The Efficient Coding Hypothesis and Signal Design".
  • Becky Fuller, University of Illinois (5 mintue talk) “The pervasive effects of lighting environments on the evolution of color patterns and color vision”.
  • Sonke Johnsen, Duke University (15 minute talk) "The diversity of visual perception in animals: more than just differences in color vision".
  • Miranda Yourick, University of Maryland (5 minute talk) "Rapid and reversible visual plasticity across cichlid habitats".
  • Laurel Yohe, SUNY Stony Brook (5 minute talk) "Olfactory receptor evolution shows association with dietary radiation in neotropical Leaf-nosed bats".
  • Robert Mobley, MSU (5 minute talk) "The Sensory Space of the Threespine Stickeback".
  • Leo Fleishman, Union College (15 minute talk)  "Does sensory drive tell us anything about visual-signal diversity in terrestrial habitats?"



  • 2018, Montpellier, France, August 18-22 (joint meeting with ESEB)
  • 2019, Providence, Rhode Island, June 21-25
  • 2020, a location in the Midwest

Meeting Code of Conduct

The American Society of Naturalists (ASN) prohibits all forms of discrimination, harassment, and retaliation at Society meetings. Behavior that undermines the integrity of intellectual discourse and interactions will not be tolerated at Society meetings.

Social Media Policy

The ASN supports the communication and discussion of science. Information presented at the Meetings (in poster or oral format) may be reported (and discussed) by attendees and science writers via blogs, Twitter, or other formats. However, we require that this be done respectfully and without direct reproduction of visual materials (e.g., no posting photos of slides or posters) unless permission is obtained from the presenter or they have already made this information freely available in an open-access forum.

A presenter may request that information in the presentation/poster not be shared but the presenter must provide explicit instructions, such as applying the No Tweeting symbol to every slide or poster that should not be shared.

Graduate Student Travel Grant

The American Society of Naturalists will award $500 each to 15 graduate students to help defray the cost of attending the meetings. Awards will be chosen from a random drawing of all eligible students who identified themselves as ASN members at registration. To be eligible, a student must be a student member of the American Society of Naturalists, must be presenting a paper or poster at the meeting, and must not have received the travel award in the previous year. The treasurer of the ASN will notify the recipients by email.

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