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Nominations for the Sewall Wright Award

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Deadline January 15, 2021

Sewall Wright and friend
Sewall Wright and friend

The American Society of Naturalists invites nominations for the 2021 Sewall Wright Award. The Sewall Wright Award was established in 1991 for a senior but highly active investigator who is making fundamental contributions to the Society’s goals in promoting the conceptual unification of the natural biological sciences. The winner of the 2021 Sewall Wright Award will be announced by the President during the annual meeting prior to the Presidential address.  The recipient will be invited to write a paper for publication in a special section of the journal and will receive an honorarium of $1000. The recipient need not be a member of the Society.

The ASN strongly encourages its members to submit nominations of deserving people, preferentially scientists in their prime period as active and influential researcher rather than nearing retirement, who have been successful at conceptually unifying the biological sciences in some way. Ideally, all areas of ecology, evolution, behavioral ecology, and genetics are represented among the nominees. Nominations will be held over for two years.

The names of former recipients can be found here:

For the 2021 Sewall Wright Award, the prize committee encourages nominations from the membership. A nomination should consist of a letter with a brief description of why the nominee is deserving of the award. Please send all nominations by January 15, 2021, via e-mail to Michael Antolin ( Please indicate “Sewall Wright Award” in the subject line and let the filename of the nomination letter indicate the name of the nominee.