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Countdown to 150

Countdown to 150

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The first American Naturalist appeared in March 1867. In a countdown to the 150th anniversary, the editors have solicited short commentaries on articles from the past issues that deserve a second look. 

See them all here.

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Evolution 2016

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June 23-27, 2017

ASN/SSB/SSE Joint Meeting, Portland, Oregon

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Why I Am a Naturalist

Rebecca Fuller

Rebecca Fuller

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I grew up in Auburn, Nebraska which is a town of about 3,400 people. I spent my youth playing music, swimming, showing horses in 4-H, and working in a veterinary clinic. Joe Travis was my Ph.D. advisor. He was also the editor of the journal while I was in his lab. I saw first-hand Joe's efforts to keep the journal "meaty". During our weekly Travis lab reading group, people would frequently ask, "Are they selling the steak or are they selling the sizzle?" Selling the steak with the sizzle was acceptable, but selling the sizzle without the steak was completely unacceptable. The American Naturalist is a very "meaty" journal that sits at the confluence of ecology and evolution. It's for the big kids who can tackle complex topics, and it's my favorite journal.

 ♦ University of Illinois 

 ♦ ASN Member since 2005