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Am Nat at 150

Am Nat at 150

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The first American Naturalist appeared in March 1867. In a countdown to the 150th anniversary, the editors have solicited short commentaries on articles from the past issues that deserve a second look. 

See them all here.

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Evolution 2017

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June 23-27, 2017

ASN/SSB/SSE Joint Meeting, Portland, Oregon

ASN Stand-Alone Meeting

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5-9 January 2018.

Registration starts August 1, 2017

Website: http://amnat150.org/



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Why I Am a Naturalist

Ellen Ketterson

Ellen Ketterson

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I am an integrative evolutionary biologist who has focused on the role of hormones in phenotypic variation and the role of ‘hormonal pleiotropy’ in maintaining the tension between independence and interdependence in the evolution of correlated traits. I have been a member of the American Society of Naturalists for many years, and the papers I have written that provide me with the most satisfaction have appeared in issues emanating from ASN Vice-Presidential symposia.

 ♦ Indiana University, Distinguished Professor