Current Committees of the ASN

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Nominating Committee
Benjamin Bolker (Chair), Megan Frederickson, Maria Orive

Financial Committee
Christine Caruso, Ellen Simms, Mark McPeek, Michael Whitlock, Sharon Strauss with Elizabeth Etges (Financial Advisor)

Graduate Student Council to the Executive Council
Emlyn Restarits (Chair), Shengpei Wang, Samridhi Chaturvedi, Jacob Heiling, Joan Meiners, Callie Chappell


Sewall Wright Award
Troy Day (Chair), Monica Geber, Mary Power

E. O. Wilson Naturalist Award
David Reznick (Chair), Jenn Rudgers, Joseph Travis

Jasper Loftus-Hills Young Investigator Award
Luke Harmon (Chair), Janneke Hille Ris Lambers, Renee Duckworth, Robin Hopkins

Student Research Award
Chris Eckert (Chair), Ken Whitney, Anna Hargreaves, Caillie Chapell (student member), Joan Meiners (student member), Samridhi Chaturvedi (student member)

American Naturalist Student Paper Award
Daniel Bolnick, Alice Winn, Russell Bonduriansky

Ruth Patrick Student Poster Award Committee
Nancy Emery (Chair), Sam Scheiner (Co-Chair)


Advocacy Committee
Sharon Strauss (Chair), Kathleen Donohue, Michael Whitlock, Joan Meiners (student member)

Diversity Committee
Regina Baucom (Chair), Tracy Heath, Benjamin Blackman, Deepa Agashe, Samridhi Chaturvedi (student member)

Regional Society Liaison Committee
Courtney Murren (Chair), James Thomson, Richard Gomulkiewicz, Shengpei Wang (student member)

Symposium Committee
Kathleen Kay (Chair), Bob Ricklefs, Marjorie Weber

Workshop Committee
Liam Revel (Chair), Roberto Nespolo, Risa Sargent, Shengpei Wang (student member)


Representative to the Joint Society Meeting Committee
Matthew Walsh

Representative to the Joint Society Policy Committee
Kathleen Donohue

Representative to the Joint Society Code of Conduct Committee
Sharon Strauss

Representative to the Joint Society Code of Ethics Committee
Emilio Bruna, Emlyn Resetarits (student member)

Representative to the SSE Education and Outreach Committee
George Gilchrist

Representative to DRYAD
Daniel Bolnick