American Society of Naturalists

A membership society whose goal is to advance and to diffuse knowledge of organic evolution and other broad biological principles so as to enhance the conceptual unification of the biological sciences.

Past Meetings

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For links to the programs, taped talks, and posters for past Joint Society Meetings, go to

For YouTube presentations of ASN Presidential Addresses and Young Investigator Awards Addresses (showing the PowerPoint slides and presenter) see the ASN YouTube channel:

Year Location Other societies
2023 (June) Albuquerque, New Mexico SSB, SSE
2023 (January) Pacific Grove, California
(Asilomar Conference Center)
2022 (June) Cleveland, Ohio SSE, SSB
2021 (June) Virtual Evolution
(online-only due to the Covid-19 pandemic)
2021 (January) Virtual Asilomar
(online-only due to the Covid-19 pandemic)
2020 Cancelled due to Covid-19 pandemic
(was going to be in Cleveland, Ohio)
2020 (Jan) Pacific Grove, California
(Asilomar Conference Center)
2019 Providence, Rhode Island SSE, SSB
2018 (Aug) Montpellier, France SSE, SSB, ESEB
2018 (Jan) Pacific Grove, California
(Asilomar Conference Center)
2017 Portland, Oregon SSE, SSB
2016 (June) Austin, Texas SSE, SSB
2016 (Jan) Pacific Grove, California
(Asilomar Conference Center)
2015 Guarujá, São Paulo, Brazil SSE, SSB
2014 (June) Raleigh, North Carolina SSE, SSB
2014 (Jan.) Pacific Grove, California
(Asilomar Conference Center)
Stand-alone meeting
2013 Snowbird, Utah SSE, SSB
2012 Ottawa, Ontario, Canada SSE, SSB, ESEB, CSEE
2011 Norman, Oklahoma SSE, SSB
2010 Portland, Oregon
(Portland State University)
2009 Moscow, Idaho
(University of Idaho)
2008 Minneapolis, Minnesota
(University of Minnesota)
2007 Christchurch, New Zealand SSE, SSB
2006 Stony Brook, New York
(Stony Brook University)
2005 Fairbanks, Alaska
(University of Alaska)
2004 Fort Collins, Colorado
(Colorado State University)
2003 Chico, California
(California State University)
2002 Banff, Alberta, Canada Stand-alone meeting
2001 Knoxville, Tennessee  
2000 Bloomington, Indiana  
1999 Madison, Wisconsin  
1998 Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada  
1997 Boulder, Colorado  
1996 Providence, Rhode Island  
1995 Montreal, Quebec, Canada  
1994 Athens, Georgia
(University of Georgia)
1993 Snowbird, Utah  
1992 Berkeley, California  
1991 Hilo, Hawai‘i  
1990 College Park, Maryland  
1989 University Park, Pennsylvania
(Pennsylvania State University)
1988 Pacific Grove, California
(Asilomar Conference Center)
1987 Bozeman, Montana
(Montana State University)
1986 Pacific Grove, California
(Asilomar Conference Center)
1985 (Nov.) St. Louis, Missouri
(Missouri Botanical Gardens)
1985 (June) Chicago, Illinois
(Americana Congress Hotel)
1985 (Apr.) Tucson, Arizona  
1984 Crested Butte, Colorado SSE
1983 St. Louis, Missouri SSE, GSA
1982 Stony Brook, New York SSE
1981 Iowa City, Iowa SSE
1980 Tucson, Arizona SSE
1979 Edmonton, Alberta, Canada GSA, CGS
1978 Athens, Georgia AIBS, ESA
1977 East Lansing, Michigan
(Michigan State University)
1976 New Orleans, Louisiana
(Tulane University)
1975 Davis, California
(University of California, Davis)
1974A Tucson, Arizona ASZ, SSE, SSZ, AMS, HL
1974B San Francisco, California AAAS
1973 Amherst, Massachusetts AIBS
1972 Washington, DC AAAS
1971 Philadelphia AAAS
1970 Chicago, Illinois AAAS
1969 Boston, Massachusetts AAAS
1968 Dallas, Texas AAAS
1967 New York, New York  
1966 Washington, DC AAAS
1965 Berkeley, California  
1964 Montreal, Quebec, Canada  
1963 Cleveland, Ohio  
1962 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania  
1961 Denver, Colorado  
1960 New York, New York  
1959 Chicago, Illinois  
1958 Washington, DC  
1955 East Lansing, Michigan  
1954 Gainesville, Florida  
1953 Boston, Massachusetts  
1952 Ithaca, New York
(Cornell University)
1951 Minneapolis, Minnesota
(Minnesota Museum of Natural History)
1950 Columbus, Ohio  
1949 New York, New York  
1948 Washington, DC  
1947 Chicago, Illinois  
1946 (Dec.) Boston, Massachusetts  
1946 (Mar.) St. Louis, Missouri  
1944 (Sep.) Cleveland, Ohio  
[three-year period with no meetings]
1941 (Jan.) Philadelphia, Pennsylvania  
1939 Columbus, Ohio  
1938 Richmond, Virginia  
1937 Indianapolis, Indiana  
1936 (Dec.) Atlantic City, New Jersey  
1936 (Jan.) St. Louis, Missouri  
1934 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania  
1933 Boston, Massachusetts  
1932 Atlantic City, New Jersey  
1931 (Dec.) New Orleans, Louisiana  
1931 (Jan.) Cleveland, Ohio  
1930 (Jan.) Des Moines, Iowa  
1928 New York, New York  
1927 Nashville, Tennessee  
1926 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania  
1925 (Dec.) New Haven, Connecticut  
1925 (Jan.) Washington, DC  
1923 Cincinnati, Ohio  
1922 Boston, Massachusetts  
1921 Toronto, Ontario, Canada  
1920 Chicago, Illinois  
1919 Princeton, New Jersey  
1918 (Dec.) Baltimore, Maryland  
1918 (Jan.) Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania  
1916 New York, New York  
1915 Columbus, Ohio  
1914 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania  
1913 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania  
1912 Cleveland, Ohio  
1911 Princeton, New Jersey  
1910 Ithaca, New York  
1909 Boston, Massachusetts  
1908 Baltimore, Maryland  
1907 Chicago, Illinois  
1906 New York, New York  
1904 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania  
1903 St. Louis, Missouri  
1902 Washington, DC  
1901 Chicago, Illinois  
1900 Baltimore, Maryland  
1899 New Haven, Connecticut  
1898 New York, New York  
1897 Ithaca, New York  
1896 Boston, Massachusetts  
1895 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania  
1894 Baltimore, Maryland
(Johns Hopkins University)
1893 New Haven, Connecticut
(Yale University)
1892 Princeton, New Jersey
(Princeton College)
1891 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
(Academy of Natural Sciences)
1890 Boston, Massachusetts
(Harvard Medical School)
1889 New York, New York
(Columbia College)
1888 Baltimore, Maryland
(Johns Hopkins University)
1887 New Haven, Connecticut
(Peabody Museum of Natural History at Yale University)
1886 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
(Engineers' Club and University of Pennsylvania)
1885 Boston and Cambridge, Massachusetts
(Harvard Medical School and Harvard Hall)
1884 Washington, DC
(US National Museum)
1883 (Dec.) New York, New York
(School of Mines, Columbia College, and American Museum of Natural History)
1883 (Apr.) Springfield, Massachusetts
(High School Hall)


  • AAAS: American Association for the Advancement of Science
  • AIBS: American Institute of Biological Sciences
  • AMS: American Microscopical Society
  • CGS: Canadian Genetics Society
  • CSEE: Canadian Society for Ecology and Evolution
  • ASZ: American Society of Zoologists
  • ESA: Ecological Society of America
  • ESEB: European Society for Evolutionary Biology
  • GSA: Genetics Society of America
  • HL: Herpetologists’ League
  • SSB: Society of Systematic Biologists
  • SSE: Society for the Study of Evolution
  • SSZ: Society of Systematic Zoology