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Registration for the ASN Stand-Alone Meeting 2020

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DEADLINE October 31 for Registration for the American Society of Naturalists Stand-Alone meeting at Asilomar

Participants will need to submit their presentation title and a short abstract (~200-250 words) at the time of registration. Registration for the meeting will be available through Eventbrite at (payable with a credit card or Paypal)
Housing at Asilomar needs to be reserved separately at
Registration costs for members are greatly discounted. Anybody can become an ASN member at anytime here: The cost of membership is less than the additional cost of registration for non-members.
The American Society of Naturalists invites graduate students, postdocs, faculty and other professionals from ecology, evolution, behavior, genetics, physiology, and associated fields to a stand alone meeting at the Asilomar Conference Grounds on January 3-7, 2020. This meeting will celebrate the unique ability of ASN to unify broad conceptual themes across biology by integrating theory with data and by using new technological tools to address long-standing questions. In short, this conference will showcase what it means to be a naturalist and researcher in the 21st century.
This conference is unique because it involves a small number of participants (200 people) interacting closely over meals, scientific talks, and casual conversations in a beautiful natural setting on the shore of the Monterey Peninsula. The scientific program will consist of posters, 15-minute talks, and 5-minute lightning talks, in addition to three symposia in the afternoons. Lightning talks will also include five minutes for questions, so are helpful for getting feedback and starting a conversation. Evening activities will include a presidential debate, a natural history trivia contest, and interactions around a bonfire. More information is available at
If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, please email Casey terHorst (




Looking for a new venue for 2022

Planning for stand-alone meetings requires a two-year lead time.  We had feedback from some attendees at the 2018 meeting that they would like the meeting to move around the country more.  Unfortunately, the lead time was too short to change venues for the the 2020 meeting.

We are actively looking NOW for organizers and venues in other parts of the country for the 2022 meetings. Please make suggestions!

To recap: we need a venue that can accommodate 220 people, with approx. 7 smaller meeting rooms, one large room that can accommodate all present, joint eating facilities, and that ideally is located in a nice natural setting, in a place that is pleasant outside in January and not prohibitively expensive. These are harder criteria to meet than one might imagine.

Anyone with suggestions for either organizer or venue, please contact  Michael Whitlock (