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ASN Awards for Support of Regional Meetings in Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior

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"The Prong-Horn Antelope. From Tenney's Zoology." Reprinted in the <i>Naturalist </i> in May 1868 in "The Prong-Horn Antelope" by W. J. Hays.
"The Prong-Horn Antelope. From Tenney's Zoology." Reprinted in the Naturalist in May 1868 in "The Prong-Horn Antelope" by W. J. Hays.

The American Society of Naturalists calls for proposals for grants in support of regional conferences and workshops.

ASN offers grants, typically under $2500, to support undergraduate and/or graduate student involvement in (1) topically-broad but regionally-focussed small meetings on ecology and/or evolution and (2) training workshops on more specialized topics within the scope of ASN’s goals to advance the conceptual unification of biology.

These grants are intended to strengthen the valuable role that such regional meetings and workshops can play in the development of younger members of our field. We particularly seek proposals that benefit ASN student members from the grants.

Proposals can be brief, even less than a page. The proposal should indicate the name and intended dates of the meeting or workshop and describe the topical scope of the event. The proposal should indicate how the funds will be used, including a description of how they directly benefit ASN student members. After the event, we request a brief report indicating how funds were used and how students were benefited.

Previous proposals, for example, have paid for reduced registration costs for ASN student members or paid for plenary speakers, for example. For this year in particular, we will also entertain proposals for grants that would enable re-starting meetings delayed by the response to COVID. The event in question should be open to participants from more than a single institution.

Proposals are invited at any time without a fixed deadline. They may be sent to Michael Bertram (, 2024 chair of the ASN committee for these grants. Please feel free to contact us for informal inquiries or more information.