ASN Awards for Support of Regional Meetings in Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior

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The American Society of Naturalists (ASN) solicits proposals from organizers of regional meetings in the fields of ecology, evolution and behavior. The purpose of these small awards is to promote increased participation in regional conference meetings in the areas of ecology, evolution and behavior and to use this support as a way of recruiting new membership to ASN. The awards typically provide subsidized registration for ASN members at these regional meetings. Please note that these awards are not intended to support workshops. Previous awardees have included meetings such as SEEPEG (Southeastern Population Ecology & Evolutionary Genetics), OE3C (Ontario Ecology, Ethology and Evolution Colloquium) EVO-WIBO (the Evolution meeting for Washington, Idaho, British Columbia and Oregon), and EPiC (Evolution in Philadelphia Conference).

Organizers of regional meetings should submit a brief proposal describing the research focus of the meeting for which funds are requested as well as details of the meeting such as anticipated number of participants, meeting venue and dates.

Proposals should include two components. The first component should clearly describe: (1) the conference scope and goals, and how the meeting theme relates to ASN, (2) extent that the support would reach out to new audiences to grow ASN's membership, and (3) potential size of the impact on ASN membership. The second component should include a brief budget justifying the amount requested and detailing how the funds will be used. To standardize the applications, there is a strict page limit (US Letter size paper, 1” margins, standard [e.g., Times] 12-point font, and no more than six lines per inch) for each component (i.e., 1 page for proposal, 1 page for budget description and use of funds). We anticipate funding multiple awards, typically valued at $2000-$3000.

Please send proposals to the ASN Regional Society Liaison Committee Chair:
Courtney Murren. murrenc(at)