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2022 ASN Early Career Investigator Awards

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The American Society of Naturalist’s Early Career Investigator Award was first established in honor of Jasper Loftus-Hills, a young scientist who died tragically 3 years after receiving his PhD. This award goes to applicants who completed their PhD three years preceding the application deadline or are in their last year of a PhD program.

We are pleased to announce that this year’s recipients of the ASN Early Career Investigator Awards are:

  • Pavitra Muralidhar, University of California at Davis
  • Kim Hoang, University of Oxford
  • Chuliang Song, McGill University
  • Rachel Moran, University of Chicago
  • Laura Melissa Guzman, University of Southern California

We are very much looking forward to their participation in the ASN Early Career Investigator symposium at the annual meeting in Cleveland, Ohio, this June.