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Inclusive Pedagogy

Posted on by Nancy Chen

Dear Colleagues,

We are compiling a resource for undergraduate evolutionary biology education. One of the first places students engage with evolutionary biology in-depth is in undergraduate courses, and evolutionary concepts can be confusing and difficult to grasp at this early stage. Furthermore, to facilitate a deeper understanding of evolutionary concepts within our classrooms and research community, it is important to address how exclusionary systems influenced foundational work in our disciplines, and how it continues to shape the way we study the natural world.

We know that many members of our community have already developed fantastic teaching materials, and our goal is to create a central repository of resources for inclusive undergraduate evolution education. We will share resources on this database monthly: If you have any resources to share, we would greatly appreciate it. Please contribute resources and teaching materials by filling out a short Google form (should take <5 minutes to complete): Please contact with any questions, suggestions, or if you'd like to contribute further to this effort.

Please forward this message to your networks.

Thank you!

Alejandra Camargo
Dr. Nancy Chen
Dr. Kiyoko Gotanda
Dr. Suegene Noh
Amanda Puitiza
Lucia Ramirez
Juleyska Vazquez
Dr. Yaamini Venkataraman
on behalf of Women of Color in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology