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A membership society whose goal is to advance and to diffuse knowledge of organic evolution and other broad biological principles so as to enhance the conceptual unification of the biological sciences.

Incoming Editor-in-Chief

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The ASN and the University of Chicago Press are excited to announce that Dr. Volker Rudolf will take over as the next Editor-in-Chief of The American Naturalist in January 2023. Dr. Rudolf is a Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at Rice University, who has served the journal with distinction as an Associate Editor since 2013. His research expertise sits firmly at the nexus of ecology and evolutionary biology and exemplifies the “conceptual unification of the biological sciences” at the core of our mission statement. His early academic training in Europe, fieldwork in Africa, and current professional position in North America give Dr. Rudolf an exceptionally international profile and geographically broad perspective on science and publishing. He is known throughout both the ecological and evolutionary biology communities as a rigorous experimentalist who leverages mathematical theory, all while driving his work with muddy-boots natural history. He is truly an outstanding fit for the journal. Dr. Rudolf will be transitioning into his new role over the course of the coming year with the outstanding assistance of outgoing EiC Dan Bolnick and Managing Editor Owen Cook.